It’s a game of two halves! Can YOU beat Monkey?!

A risk-free gaming platform for football fans to enjoy with friends, support charity, and boost social interaction, all while promoting mental health.

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What is LEAGUES?

A fun social game where you predict English Premier League winners and compete against others and our very own confident, blindfolded monkey!

The rules are simple:

  • Team

    Create a group of players or join an existing group

    Be the one to create a group, or join an existing group of your friends.

  • Selection

    Select an English Premier League winner for each round

    The English Premier League is divided into two halves (19 rounds of matches each). For each round you need to select one team who you think will do well.

    You cannot select the same team twice during any half season. Furthermore, you are limited to the number of times you can play the same opposing Premier League teams during the season.

  • Trophy

    Track your progress and win prizes along the way

    The ultimate prize is to finish as the league champion, however, other awards are shared throughout the season so there are many opportunities to be a winner.

    And then there's Charity, our inhouse monkey. She will also compete in your league of players, but due to her overconfidence, she will make her selections blindfolded. 100% of any money she wins goes to CALM and other charities.

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Why are we doing this?

We are dedicated to supporting mental health through games that promote regular social contact in a safe, fun and friendly environment. At our heart we believe in:
  • Openness


    Everybody is welcome and we are entirely transparent about how we operate.

  • Safety


    You can control who you play and interact with, and what money (if any) you want to play for.

  • Charity


    Through our games we actively promote and support various mental health charities including CALM.


How will you do it?

We made the game simple to play with minimal knowledge of football needed.


How is it priced?

LEAGUES membership is designed to be affordable for all. 20% of all membership goes directly to charity.

  • Full season


Membership doesn't include the prize fund that each player adds for their group, each season. We only offer the following options for wagers: £25, £50, £75 and £100.

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What players say

  • Best Footy Comp Ever

    Great competition and tbh the best footy comp I've been involved in... thanks for all your work you put into it


    , LEAGUES player since 2022

  • All appraisals!

    You take the plaudits for organising and administrating a great competition which keeps us all engaged for a whole season... take a bow!


    , LEAGUES player since 2019


History of the game



The game creator & LEAGUES co-founder

I've always loved organising games for friends and colleagues—it's been my way of keeping us all connected and having fun together, especially as a break from the stresses of daily life.

LEAGUES has been particularly popular for its fun unpredictability. Now that I'm retired, I've teamed up with three amazing, like-minded individuals to share this game with more people, hoping it can help boost mental health through regular, joyful social interactions.

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